Prestige Audio AI Review: Revolutionizing Audio Cleaning and Enhancement

Prestige Audio Ai Review

Prestige Audio AI Review:

In today’s digital world, audio content plays a crucial role in various domains, from podcasting to video production. To ensure high-quality audio recordings, professionals and content creators often rely on advanced tools and software. One such groundbreaking solution is Prestige Audio AI, an all-in-one next-generation audio cleaning technology powered by artificial intelligence (AI). In this review, we will explore the key features and benefits of Prestige Audio AI, as well as its pricing options and bonus offerings.

Prestige Audio Ai Review

Prestige Audio AI Key Features:

1. AI Audio Cleaner (10 Mb/Audio File):
Prestige Audio AI’s AI Audio Cleaner feature offers an effortless and efficient way to clean audio files with just a click. It automatically removes unwanted background noise, clicks, hisses, rumbles, and breath sounds, resulting in enhanced audio quality. The real-time audio improvement and dialog enhancement capabilities make it ideal for podcasters, voice-over artists, and content creators.

2. Podcast Recorder:
With Prestige Audio AI’s Podcast Recorder, users can ensure excellent audio quality for their recordings. It guarantees perfect recording levels and allows users to keep their recordings private. The feature eliminates limitations and empowers podcasters to create professional-grade audio content effortlessly.

3. Audio Captioner:
The Audio Captioner feature offers real-time transcription, making it easier to create captions for audio files. It supports multiple languages and provides customizable font and display options. Its accurate speech recognition capabilities enable content creators to produce accessible content while maintaining privacy and security.

4. Shorts Recorder:
Prestige Audio AI’s Shorts Recorder allows users to create engaging content on any device. It captures both video and audio, ensuring professional-grade sound quality. Users can keep their content private or share it with ease. The real-time saver feature and user-friendly interface make content creation a seamless experience.

5. Screen Recorder:
The Screen Recorder feature simplifies the recording process by eliminating the need for downloads. It offers flexible recording options and includes audio recording capabilities. Privacy and security are prioritized, ensuring a safe and seamless recording experience.

Watch The Prestige Audio AI Demo:

Watch The Prestige Audio AI Demo Here! <<<

Prestige Audio AI Pricing Options:

– Front End: PrestigeAudioAI Pro Unlimited ($37 – One Time Fee):
This package includes AI Audio Cleaner, Podcast Recorder, Audio Captioner, Shorts Recorder, and Screen Recorder. Users can enjoy enhanced audio quality, privacy, and security.

– OTO 1: PrestigeAudioAI Super Saver Pass ($347/Yearly):
This package includes OTOs 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, providing a comprehensive set of audio mastering, agency, reseller, and scriptwriting tools. It offers a 22% discount and significant savings compared to individual purchases.

– OTO 2: PrestigeAudioAI Audio Mastering ($97/Yearly):
This package includes AI Audio Cleaner (100 Mb/Audio File) and AI presets for professional audio mastering. It simplifies the process, saves time, and adds vintage warmth and character to audio content.

– OTO 3: PrestigeAudioAI Extra 500MB ($67/Yearly):
This package offers additional storage capacity for audio files, allowing users to clean larger files conveniently.

– OTO 4: PrestigeAudioAI DFY Agency ($67 – One Time Fee):
This package provides a complete toolkit for starting an audio mastering agency. It includes a professional agency website, graphics, video ads, client proposals, training, and more.

– OTO 5: PrestigeAudioAI Reseller ($147/50 or $247/100 – Yearly):
This package enables users to resell PrestigeAudioAI and retain 100% of the profit. It includes a DFY sales funnel, sales videos, user account creation, and the option to set their own price.

– OTO 6: PrestigeAudio AI Script Writer + Unlimited Reseller License ($67/Yearly):
This package offers a scriptwriting tool with various frameworks for sales copy, emails, ad copy, website copy, and more. It also includes an unlimited reseller license for PrestigeAudioAI.


Prestige Audio AI is a game-changer in the audio cleaning and enhancement space. Its AI-powered features, such as AI Audio Cleaner, Podcast Recorder, Audio Captioner, Shorts Recorder, and Screen Recorder, provide users with easy-to-use tools for improving audio quality, transcribing content, creating captivating shorts, and recording screens. The pricing options, including the Super Saver Pass, Audio Mastering, Extra 500MB, DFY Agency, Reseller, and Script Writer packages, offer flexibility and value for money. With Prestige Audio AI, professionals and content creators can take their audio content to new heights.

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